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sell out, with me oh yeah! sell out, with me tonight. it's not so bad being trendy, everyone who likes like me is my friend. please don't hate me because i'm trendy they're not gonna laugh at me again.
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Eek! Ack! Ook!

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read through before saying anything

Hold up. Back the ho-train up people. Speak english, please.

< insert stupid entry here >

Vue Weekly, Exclaim, fetish?, looking for Neverwhere on DVD, looking for Lola Rennt, Jessica, Long black skirt, Menonites?, mall, ice cream, news print, Macbeth, laughing during a non-funny part, the Get Up Kids, Strangers with Caddies in town wish I could go, the Stills, haiku horoscope, train, Claudia, Melissa, Thursday, open house "lunch" not gonna be home, broken watch, tore up letter was going to send to %$*#, wish I had a lighter, broken watch *cries*, NEENER NEENER POO POO, someone's going to kill me soon, James, nipple peircing, *&$%# industrial peircing *shudder*, lake in my driveway, wish I had my camera, someone threw up in a trash can, *$%^!@$ is just as cute with his haircut, shut up, wish I were you, watched Suicide Kings, film tomorrow, Psych class is so much fun, hope Maroney sticks around for one more year instead of working with the UN, Sage Francis, Weakerthans, WEEN! apparently sounds like Pink Floyd who apparently sounds like the Beatles, don't ask me, hate books must kill them, Ranma 1/2!, Chobits!, Neil Gaiman!, must stop reading graphic novels, Gabe so friendly *pets*, death to Furby's.
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It's so funny, right? That I now have some sort of message on my disciplinary record. *sighs* It's not even my fault. The principal (it would have been fabulous if I had known she was the principal before I referred to her as "this lady") thought I was pushing Jasbeep into the boys bathroom and was then going to follow him in. Alas, it was not like that. Silly people just don't know. It doesn't matter, though. You want to know why? Because I missed half an hour of English and it was good, except that I had to sit in the office for an entirety of fifty minutes accepting the stares of everyone because I'm generally such a great kid (*coughs* or so my record would lead you to believe). Lucky me, though, because I have yet to read one single word in Macbeth and we are already more than halfway through it.

Sorry, I'm checking out all of the features on the version of Semagic I downloaded and I don't feel like writing any more.

PS. James is an idiot.
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All is well in the land of Schreurs. My auntie Irma was here and so was (the cousin) Cailan. I was woken up at 10 this morning in await of their arrival. I assure you, it was not amusing. If I hadn't been playing board games all day (have you ever played Masterpiece? It is the ULTIMATE board game ever. Oh, and Careers is pretty damn good too.) I would probably be a lot more tire. But it's all good, because my brother left for his new job today (read: finally!) and he won't be up until all hours of the morning and only finally go to bed when I wake up in the morning to be able to take a shower before school. Ah, yes, and finally. Wait for this... I get to use the computer after school again! Huzzah!

Anyway, I found a lump on the back of my neck yesterday. A slightly painful, oddly placed lump. I've warned my mother (the nurse) about, and I've discovered today that if you press on it lightly and wiggle your finger it gives off a very funny (read: odd, strange, curious) feeling. I assume there's either something wrong with my spine (highly possible) or I've got cancer (not amusing, if you think about it). Whichever, I've decided it is not something to worry about, and I will live on with my life not worrying about it, unless it gets bigger, then I'm going to start ranting about my body being fully cancerous.

So I'm going to go back into the kitchen, help make dinner (french onion sooop, mmm good) and then play some glorious Cluedo.
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Productive = Me

*covers face* Hullo, friendly persons.

*smirks* I am an unbelievably productive person. Just ask... Well, me. Because I'll tell you I am. Just don't ask my english teacher. She's bound to rat me out, since she's an evil woman in need of new tights and close-toed shoes. Either way, my sistah, Shantaye, will back me up that I am *very* productive in that class as well.

... Oh, nevermind. I just remembered there was something else I needed to do first. Crud.


Definately *very* productive. See changes to here for reference. Hello, world! I'm here to overthrow your governments now!
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Shh. I'm not really here.

Be creative. Influence me, baby. Then, I go back to my hole :)))

Poll #98992 Do me. Now.

Come on now. What book(s) should I read. If you said War and Peace I would read it.

How about a movie I should see? Chances are I could find it somewhere.

A song or CD I should attain? You know you wanna influence me.

Is there something else that I should have? Be random. If not, just say something.

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